About Us

Flobots is an organization

Flobots is an organization that is dedicated to helping the youth of today lead better lives as they get older. Our clients are those tagged by society as at risk and those whose lives have been written off as a failure or hopeless case. We do not believe that there is such a thing as writing off someone else’s future and life just because of what he or she has been dealt with in their youth, especially when much of those factors are not within their control. That is why we are asking for your support. Please help us give the gift of hope to these young individuals. Flobots aims to help them turn their lives around and get out of the cycle of poverty, abusive relationships, substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and other challenges and issues that threaten to bring them down.

Donate to Flobots to give the youth the gift of future, because there is so much more to look forward to and better things to come. Give them the gift of hope, that they can surpass whatever it is that they are experiencing now. Give these youth the gift of life because they are meant to enjoy life to the fullest and be the best that they can be.

Help us sustain our youth programs for empowerment. Flobots accepts donations of any amount that you wish to share with our youth. Rest assured that all your donations will go to our programs so that we can serve more youth in our communities. Send us an email at sponsorship@flobots.com for more details.

Giving is not only in monetary form. You can also give the gift of time to our youth. Volunteer with us to share your knowledge, skills, and talents with our youth. We appreciate your presence and value your commitment to helping change the lives of the youth for the better. For those interested to volunteer, please send us a message at helpinghands@flobots.com.