Turning Lives Around Through Music

Turning Lives Around Through Music

The future of our great nation rests upon the youth. They are the new generation who will carry on the heavy task of making our country better. The youth make us proud. They have so much potential to achieve for themselves, for their families, for their communities, and for the country. They are our seeds of hope.

The youth see the world with fresh eyes and a clean state of mind. They are not yet corrupted by evil ways of the world. They have so much hope in their hearts of what they can become and what the nation could be because of them. They dream of changing the world because, at this stage in their lives, they believe that everything is possible.

But what if this is not the case? What if even at an early age, their minds have already been corrupted by the evil ways of the world? What if they were led astray? What if they become involved in substance abuse and juvenile crimes? Can we still consider them the hope of our country? Or do we just write them off and give up on them?

There is 47.12 million youth all over America. They belong to the age group between 14 to 24 years old. Among them, 14.9 million are enrolled in high school. 39.6% of this age group was involved in crimes, 20.2% was bullied, and 12.7% are unemployed. There are other issues that the youth are dealing with such as substance abuse, poverty, sexual exploitation, mental illness, family problems, and peer pressure. These are crucial years in their development and yet they face difficult challenges in life. Being young, they do not know yet how to cope with these realities in their lives and so they run away from their homes, drop out of school, engage in sexual behavior, drink alcohol inside their garage doors in Houston despite being underage, or in general, they display unwanted and disruptive behaviors. Thus, they are labeled by society as an at-risk youth or written off. This means that they are not seen to be productive members of our society later on in their lives. They have been judged that they are not going to transition successfully into the next stage of their lives. Their futures are deemed bleak and hopeless.

Flobots is an organization

Flobots is an organization that aims to help those youth who are considered to be at risk and written off to get back on track with their lives and become productive members of our society. There are different organizations that offer various programs to help the youth. What sets Flobots apart is that we use music as a tool for changing their lives. We believe that music has so many benefits to offer to our youth. Studies show that exposure to music and the arts help them do better in school, have access to better job opportunities, and become more involved in community affairs. Whereas other endeavors failed, we will let the music get the job done in turning the lives of our youth for the better.